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                   The Amazing Akulova family

Varya Akulova was born in the year 1992 to parents Uri and Larisa. Uri was a former circus strongman and strength acrobat. 

Larisa was a teacher and tutor. 

Going back over one hundred years in Uri's family, stories circulated of relatives with unusual strength. It was, as Uri believes, a gift from God that in his family is a certain gene that allows for such strength. 

When Larisa was pregnant, Uri made plans for a son and father strongman team to tour the circus arena again. He planned to come out of retirement from the circus shows and he made plans for such an act. When Larisa gave birth to a daughter, Uri realized his plan for a son and father strongman act were not going to materialize and so he sought other work. 

After a few days, it occurred to the father: Why not a daughter and father strongman show? Larisa, too, proving to be athletic, could also quit being a teacher and join the show as well. 

The question: Was Varya destined to be strong? 

Did she inherit the strength gene that Uri frequently spoke about? After three months, the answer appeared to be yes. Varya stood months earlier than most babies and by her first year was exhibiting unusual strength in the arms and hands. 

By age three, around the year 1995, Varya joined the circus show. Her mother and father did the strength lifts and Varya mainly was a gymnast and acrobat. 

Varya by age five was doing weightlifting stunts. To insure her safety, her father never let her lift her maximum poundage or even do any lifts that strained her. She was checked by a doctor several times a year to verify normal growth, strong bones and healthy lungs. 

Varya by age seven was strong enough to carry her father on her back and was winning at weightlifting events. She could easily lift two heavy kettlebells off the ground. 

Life was difficult for the family. In the mid 1990's, the economy was quite bad in Ukraine. The nation had just received it's independence and inflation was high. Work was hard to locate. The family had a circus act and Varya, at age seven, was doing feats of strength that amazed audiences all over Ukraine. Unfortunately, due to her age, the work only paid about ten USA dollars equivalent a day. Even in the 1990's that was not much. 

In the early years, the family toured with circuses and off season they lived in a tiny one room upstairs from a smoky bar where miners drank all night. It was a difficult life and they had only a hot plate to cook on and no refrigerator. There was only one bathroom down the hall shared by every one and one day Varya was returning down the hall and two drunk miners stepped in front of her and tried to scare six year old Varya. They hollered at her                                   and blocked her path. 

They made faces at her. 

Varya reached down, grabbed both by the legs and flung them on their backs. They never bothered her again, yet her parents decided to move elsewhere. Their limited belongings were moved into the stairwell of a gym where they slept on a mattress. It was a difficult life. They could afford a diet for Varya that was basically noodles and some bread. To drink water or tea. They could not afford milk, cheese, meat or fish. 

After years of the family's circus act, they finally saved enough for an apartment. By age nine Varya and her family had an apartment. Now Varya had a home. They were thrilled. Now they have a stove and refrigerator. And Varya has her own bedroom. And no more bathroom in a separate location. 

As Varya grew older, her strength steadily increased. 

By age ten she was amazing audiences with television appearances in Russia. By age twelve she could easily carry her mother and father on her back at the same time she could reach down and lift a large kettlebell off the floor. She could lay flat in the air between two chairs. Her shoulders resting on one chair and her ankles resting on the other chair, she would invite her mother and father to sit on her legs and stomach and, in a "bridge position" she would easily support them. Together they weighed about 160 kilograms ( or about 352 lbs ). 

The family started doing street appearances in some Ukrainian cities. 
They would do strength acrobatics for audiences. Many in the audience gasped and clapped 

as Varya did her lifts. Of course, some people objected. Once a man in a crowd got angry at the parents because Varya was a girl building strength. The man told the parents Varya should have been taken to the kitchen and shown how to cook for her future husband. One man argued to the family that if Varya kept lifting weights by age 16 she would "look like a man." Some newspapers in Ukraine wrote negative articles, saying it was wrong to train a girl in athletics. One man yelled to a crowd at a street show "no man will ever marry a strong woman." People told the family it was okay for a boy to be strong, but a girl should learn to sew and cook food. 

The publicity about Varya kept growing. Articles in magazines and newspapers appeared. 

Now she was famous for her strength in dozens of nations. Television cameras filmed her. 

Her father was her trainer and apparently his method of training was making incredible strength gains in Varya. Coaches from around Ukraine left their gyms to watch Varya train, wondering how she was making such gains. Uri could only say he used proven techniques in training and also used exercises handed down to him by his father and grandfather. 

Medical tests showed her training was natural. The family thanks God for their rare strength. When a television program ran a special on Varya a few years ago, they did some medical tests on her leg muscles. What they found surprised them. 

In a way, Varya's muscles are not that different (or even much larger) than a normal girl. What was surprising was the alignment of her muscles. They were aligned in a different way than what is normal. Speculation is this alignment allows her to pack more muscle fibers in the same amount of space. 

Not only was Varya amazing people in gyms, she was amazing her teachers in school. Despite a tough life of being homeless when young and frequent changing of schools while performing with traveling circuses, Varya excelled in every subject. At age six she could look at an anatomy chart and name most if not all the major bones and muscles in the body. 

She excelled in math and by seventh grade was reading at an adult level. 

Now in college, she is excelling in many subjects and registering excellent grades at school. For those curious as to why so little has been published about Varya in the past few years, this is mainly because Varya has been so busy with studying at the university. She has kept training and maintaining her strength while at the school. She works part time also. 

Seven years ago, Larisa gave birth to a second child. A girl. They named her Barbara. People in Ukraine admitted Varya was unusually strong and very smart, people doubted the second child would also be strong. Father Uri was confident of his family's strength gene. 

Months after birth, Varya's younger sister Barbara was showing amazing arm and hand strength. Today, at age seven, she can easily lift two heavy kettlebells off the ground. Mostly the girl trains in acrobatics and gymnastics. Of course, a gymnastics’ workout trains most muscle parts of the body, so this is building the girl's strength on a weekly basis. On a pound for pound basis, gymnasts are some of the strongest, most fit athletes on earth. 

Barbara Akulova at age seven can lay flat in the air between two chairs, ankles on one side and shoulders on the other, and support the weight of her mother sitting on her mid-section. Barbara can lift a 18 kilogram ( about 40 pounds ) kettlebell over her head with one hand. And she can hold two 18 kilogram kettlebells over her head with ease. Barbara can lift her 110 kilogram ( about 240 pounds ) father off the ground with ease. She first lifted her father off the ground when she was five years old. Barbara can easily lift a 65 kilogram ( about 140 pound ) barbell off the floor in training. The girl does about eight additional feats of strength and is getting stronger each month. Barbara is also an excellent contortionist and her feats of strength have amazed audiences in shows and also on televison in Ukraine. 

She's been examined by doctors to verify her bones, overall health, her height and growth are healthy.       

At thirty months of age ( about two and a half years of age ), Barbara could pick up a Russian book and read words aloud with no hesitation. At three years of age, she was reading better than many seven year olds and could identify many animals in a picture book by sight. She may also be a prodigy in intelligence just like Varya was. 

             The Akulova family. Truly amazing. 

Varya lifts mom Larisa​        Varya and Barbara              Varya gaining strength 

Want to see some photos of Barbara's strength?
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​                         Girl                        Power!

The Akulova family has appeared on television many times and has performed in circuses in Ukraine. They've also amazed audiences with street performaces in resort areas around Ukraine.  In their act they do a variety of strongman style feats of strength combined with acrobatics and contortion. 

A great strength act for amusement parks . . . health seminars . . . bodybuilding shows . . .  
powerlifting expositions . . . fitness shows . . . television programs . . . shopping center events . . . strongman contests . . . concerts . . . street festivals . . . store grand 
openings . . . county fairs . . . school carnivals . . . conventions . . . or the circus. 

Varya Akulova and her family have fans in more than twenty nations (that they know of). So using the wonders of the Internet, the family has translated the word hello into over twenty different languages. Greetings to Varya's fans around the world . . . and sorry if your language was left out. 

                     hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

​                             United Arab Emirates              

​                                                                                                                                                                China


                             Thailand                                                                                   Australia                                                                                               

                                 Hallo                                                         Turkey 

                                                                                             नमस्ते           Brazil       
​                                                   Venezuela


                            こんにちは                                         Mexico


     Canada                                 cześć
Olá                                              U.S.A.

                                                                                                     Alo                  Colombia

                                                               England                                                                                                                             hola

    Chile                                        สวัสดี        Indonesia

​                                                                                                                                                   Italy
                                           Hong Kong
                         chào              India

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          Varya Akulova and her father Uri                                                                                    Varya Akulova easily holding
​                                                                                                                                                   five kettlebells at one time  

                     Attention                               Producers ! ! ! !

Interested in the Akulova family performing on your television program? They have
name recognition and quite a few fans. Google the name Varya Akulova to see for yourself. 
There's quite a few mentions of Varya's power on the net 

No, not that type of net!!!!!!!!! The Internet. 
Google the name Varya Akulova. 

Most of the family's television appearances have been in Ukraine or Russia, however
one program that filmed them in Ukraine was aired on multiple continents.  Thanks to the 
Internet, however, they have a fan following in many nations.

The Akulova family's strength show is appropriate for a general audience. 

Is your store having a grand opening? Is your shopping mall holding 
a show to bring in shoppers? Does your convention need a variety act? 
Is your fit expo in need of a strong man style show? Does your bodybuilding contest need a special guest with name recognition in the fitness and 
strength circle? Are you hosting a school function which could use a guest act? Are you holding a street festival or a carnival needing a guest act?  Do 
you own a health club or
a gym in need of a strength show? Filming a television commercial
and need a strong girl? Filming a documentary about muscle strength?
    Have a product that needs to be endorsed by a strength performer? 
Is your amusement park in need of performers this summer? Is
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opening act to entertain the audience before the main show?
Need a strength act for a birthday party or a corporate event? 
    Own or manage a circus needing a strong man style show this summer? 
Need a variety style act to help with publicity for a 
restaurant's opening, launch of a book signing tour or 
your gymnastic training center or kettlebell training facility? 


Extra . . . Extra . . . Extra . . . Read all about it 

Want to view newspaper photos of strong girl Barbara?
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photo of five year old Barbara easily
lifting her father off the ground. 
Photo was taken in Spring 2011

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Question . . . 

Where is it written 
on caveman walls that
only boys can be strong?           

Question . . . 

Where is it written on banners
pulled by planes that only 
boys can be strong? 

Question . . .

Where is it scribbled on 
chalkboards that only boys
can be strong?

Question . . . 

Where is it written on 
billboards that only boys
can be strong?  

                        ​          Girl Power !

        strong girl Barbara Akulova

                                                              and Varya Akulova 

                      P.S.  Mom and Dad are also strong.  

Where is it posted on roadside signs
that only boys can be strong? 

Girl  Power 

                                                                                         Girl  Power

Picture puzzle below. What does it say? 

                                                                                          answer below
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 . . . . . . . . . . and the answer is . . . . . . . . . . 

                              A girl can be strong

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Where is it posted on construction
site walls that only boys can be strong?

Girl Power !!!!!! 

Answer to above 
photo puzzle:
Barbara  Akulova

The Akulova family's general-audience-appropriate acrobat and strength act would make a great guest act at car shows, bodybuilding events, strongman shows, boat shows, conventions, festivals, store openings and fitness expos or seminars.    

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Website opened May 2013 

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Yes Varya's younger sister Barbara
(who is now age seven) is also very,                                                                                        and she is getting 
very, very strong.                                                                                                                        stronger!!!!!!!   
May 20, 2013
"Oyez . . . hear ye . . . oyez . . . oyez . . . hear ye . . . attention . . . lords and ladies and fair maidens and gentlemen . . . oyez . . . hear ye . . . the Akulova family's official website is now online."    
August 28, 2013
"Oyez . . . oyez . . . oyez . . . hear ye . . . photos have been posted to the Photos 2 page. Click here to see the page."

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     Did you know?  
Varya has been amazing 
audiences with her feats of strength since she
       was just seven years of age  

Don't forget to 
visit this website weekly for the latest news and information on the Akulova family 
Did you know? 

Uri and Larisa, father and mother of Varya and Barbara, both have natural strength. 

Did you know? 

The Akulova family
loves pasta, music, art,  traveling and exercise.

Did you know? 

Since Varya turned aged 18, she has received many, many offers of marriage from men via e-mail and posted messages on the Internet. 

click here to see another photo of Barbara. 


     Question? Comment?

​                                                                                                  SPOTLIGHT  ON  BARBARA  AKULOVA





                                                                                         SPOTLIGHT  ON  URI  AKULOVA
           Want to see a 
    newspaper photo  
    showing five year
    old Barbara Akulova
    easily lifting her 110
    kilogram (about 
    240 pounds) father 
    off the ground? 
     click here   

Random  information  about  the  Akulova  Family 

The family loves music
Favorite performers? Black Eyed Peas. Madonna. Elvis. Britney Spears.

Varya enjoys reading books by author Mark Twain.

Family is big fans of Pippi Longstocking. 

They laugh at Three Stooges movies.  

They like to watch professional wrestling on television.

Barbara is a big fan of Tom and Jerry Cartoons

Varya dreams to go sky diving someday. 

Yes the Akulova family 
likes rainbows!!!!

    To their fans in Hawaii the Akulova family says 


      The family hopes to someday visit Hawaii

                                               Beautiful mom Larisa
                                               Akulova shown below


Oops . . .  someone call out a crane . . . we have a
circus strongman on his side. 

If Varya tried this at the 
local fair, yes she would 
probably win a prize. 

Just one of 
the many 
of muscle
A few words from the Akulova Family

The Akulova Family reminds all that for every girl in the world gifted with extraordinary physical strength such as Varya and Barbara, there are thousands of girls malnourished or weakened due to disease. Keep the less fortunate in your prayers
The Akulova Family salutes Astrid Lindgren,
 the Swedish author of the 
Pippi Longstocking books. 




Barbara Akulova (age seven May 2013) loves to wear her hair in pigtails. 

Random information . . . the Akulova Family have many fans in
South America and have even received fan mail via e-mail from
people living in the Central Brazil / Amazon Rainforest area. 
Definition of a town 
crier -- a person or town official who makes public 
announcements. More 
common before the 1920's,some cities still use town criers for annoucements.

Hey,                                                                   Do not 
do not                                                                STOP on this page
STOPon this page.              
Lots more to see and read on the other pages of this website.

A somewhat scientific look
at exactly how strong Varya is, 
including a pound by pound 
comparison with professional strongmen. 

Click here to see a photo that demonstrates 
how strong Varya is, and later we 
can compare her strength on a 
pound by pound basis with professional strong men.  

In the photo, you see a photo of nine year old Varya at a weight of approximately 28 kilograms (about 61 pounds) supporting her mother and a 
man. As you can see, Varya is supporting herself with her ankles on one side and her 
shoulders on the other side. She's laying flat in the air and supporting two adults. The total 
weight of the two (estimated) is approximately 140 kilograms (or about 310 pounds). 

Since Varya only weighs about 28 kilograms, she is easily supporting about 5 times her own bodyweight in the air. This takes enormous strength in the upper legs, hips, lower back and stomach (core strength). 

This is a real photo taken in front of an audience of many people at a strength show in St. Petersburg, Russia, around the year 2001 or 2002 
Skeptics might say not all the weight is being supported by her midsection, some of the weight 
is transferred to her shoulders and ankles which rest on those two male assistants' legs. 

Even if 25% of the weight is transferred to her shoulders and ankles, 75% of 140 kilograms is 
still about 105 kilograms (about 230 
pounds) and 105 kilograms is more than three and a half times her bodyweight of 28 kilograms being supported solely by core strength. 

Let's compare her strength on a pound for pound basis with professional 
strongmen who enter contests and compete for titles. Suppose a strongman is 130 kilograms (about 286 pounds -- yes those guys are big) what is 5 times 130 kilograms? Any math majors 
out there? It's 650 kilograms (or approximately 1,432 pounds) 
How many professional strongmen (even those who win contests in strength feats) can lay 
flat in the air with ankles resting on one side and shoulders resting on the other side while 
they support a weight this great? 

Pound for pound Varya's strength is simply incredible.  
___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___

Yet another example below 

Click here to see another photo displaying Varya's immense power.

You see 9 year old Varya (again approximately 28 kilograms) lifting and supporting her mother high in the air. The total weight of her mother and the small metal pole is approximately 70 kilograms (about 154 pounds). The weight of 70 kilograms is about two and a half 
times Varya's bodyweight. 

To compare this with a 130 kilograms (286 pounds) strongman means to equal Varya's 
strength, the strongman would have to hold over his head a total weight of about 325 
kilograms (about 716 pounds)




  When Varya was a child and training with weights
  some people in Ukraine told her parents if they
  let Varya train with weights by the time she was a
  teenager she would look like a man. 

  Below are photos of beautiful Varya as a teenager.    

          Photo of Larisa Akulova
          Varya's beautiful mom. 

A photo puzzle. Study this photo below. 
Can you guess who this? There are a few
hints to the right and the answer appears below 


Clues . . . 

This girl is seven years old (May 2013)

This girl's birthday is in the month of June.  

This girl is quite smart for her age.

This girl at age five could lift her 110
kilogram father off the ground easily. 

This girl can now easily lift a 70 kilogram
(about 154 pound) barbell off the ground. 
And she's getting stronger every month!

This girl trains in acrobatics, contortion, 
powerlifting, weightlifting, yoga and several
other sports. 

This girl likes to draw and paint. 

This girl has appeared on television and amazed audiences with her incredible strength feats.

             "To see a
         photo of Varya 
    lifting 4 people at one
       time click here

Barbara Akulova