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FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions Page
Links Page

May  2013                  FAQ Page              Links are listed at the bottom of this page 

Where does the family live? 

Has the family performed on television? 
Yes. Quite a few times. 

Why has there been so few updates and photos of 
Varya on the Internet in the past several years?
Varya has been busy at college, where she has 
excellent grades and is on schedule to graduate.  

How old is Barbara? 
Now she is age seven (May 2013)   

How old is Varya?
Now she is age twenty one (May 2013)

What social media sites are the Akulova family
Facebook, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, MySpace,Twitter, 
Hi5, Orkut, Google + and Pinterest. Listed under the name
Larisa Akulova. (Links to the pages are on this website)

Does the Akulova family have a You Tube
They are working on opening one up, maybe by
late June it will be open. 

Does strong girl Barbara have a fan page? 
Yes, this website is sort of a fan page for Barbara
and the rest of the family. She does have a page
on Facebook about her strength.  

Do they travel to other nations to perform? 
So far their performances have been limited to
travel to Russia and in many cities in Ukraine. 
They do have valid passports for international
travel. They were invited to Milan, Italy a few years
ago for a television program, unfortunately they did
not have valid passports at that time so the trip was
delayed until futher notice. And they were in 
November 2012 invited to perform as a guest non-singing
special act to perform in front of a live audience at 
several concert venues in India, however that concert
promoter had to delay the shows so the performance
was put off until further notice. 

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions Page

What type of venue is their strength and
acrobatic act appropriate for?
Car shows. Boat shows. Conferences. Conventions. 
Shopping mall grand openings. Store openings. Carnivals. 
Summer amusement park shows. Fairs. Street festivals. 
Circus shows. Resorts. Summer camps. Gym grand
openings. Kettlebell seminars. Television programs. 

What is the family's contact e-mail?

Are there areas where the Akulova family has a large
number of fans? 
Based on fan mail (e-mails), the family appears to have a
very high concentration of fans in South America, especially 
Colombia and Venezuela. Also, a lot of fan mail arrives from
Mexico and Indonesia. And America. And India. 

Does the family get fan mail from far away places?
Yes. They have received nice fan e-mails from as far away as
Chile, Australia and New Zealand. Oh and a few from South Africa. 

Are there nations where fan e-mails have not arrived from? 
Don't recall any fan e-mails arriving from mainland China. Hong Kong
and Taiwan yes. But don't recall any from mainland China. 
Don't remember any from small Pacific Island nations, such as Fiji or
Tahaiti. Don't recall any from Cuba or Iceland either. And no fan 
e-mail has ever arrived from Easter Island.   

What are some common questions fans ask in e-mails?  
Surprisingly, some men propose marriage. Oh, yes, some men
have suggested marriage. And quite a few marriage requests have
been posted on the Internet in the past few years. Other common 
questions include asking about how much can Varya lift, or can
she lift a person off the ground. Sometimes people inquire if the
family has any plans to visit thier nation to perform. 

Who owns the copyright of photos of Akulova family members
on this website?    
Larisa Akulova is the copyright holder of the photos. 

Does Larisa operate her own fan pages and social media pages? 
Larisa speaks limited English, so the pages are hers and she 
supplies the photos and video and approves the content, but a
translator who speaks English must help her with message posting
and answering fan mail. She has assistance with the social media.

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions Page

Will this website eventually have up pay to view video
of Varya's feats of strength? 
Possibly in the future. The family has not made a decision
about adding pay to view video on this website. 

Any bizarre e-mails been sent to the family?
Actually, most (about 98%) of e-mails the family has received
in the past six or seven years have been polite and cordial. 
People compliment the family's strength, or ask how much 
Varya can lift. People ask for weight training tips, which, sad to
report, the family can not answer in an e-mail. Occasionally, a
person asks an inappropriate question or is rude or insulting. 
But perhaps the worst are the occasional e-mails that seek to
play a joke on a family, especially sad when this happened years
ago when the Akulova family was under some harsh economic 
circumstances. Why any person thinks it is fun to play a joke on a
poor family I do not know. About six years ago, a man wrote and 
said he had arranged to have a bakery in Ukraine deliver a birthday 
cake to the family. No cake arrived. That was a joke. Five years ago
a man wrote claiming to be from a television station in Santiago, 
Chile, where Varya have many fans. He invited the family to Chile to
film on a television program, but it was a joke. The man didn't work
for the network. A man from Buenos Aires area sent an e-mail and
offered Varya work modeling sports athletic clothing about four
years ago. But it was a joke, the man didn't own a clothing company.
Many years back a man claimed he had arranged for delivery of a
food parcel to the family. No parcel was sent. Another silly joke.  
And I could give a few more examples of silly and nasty jokes people
play, but I will stop here.  

If I want the Akulova family to do their strength act at my 
location, what supplies must I provide? 
Some kettlebells of various weights, a barbell and weights in
various amounts. A clear area to perform in or a small stage to
perform on. And some music to play during the show (optional). 

May 2013                    FAQ Page            Links are listed at the bottom of this page

Do people really propose marriage to Varya via the Internet? 
Yes, quite a few have asked for marriage since Varya turned 
age 18 a few years ago. So far Varya has not accepted any of 
these offers of marriage. And, yes, most men are serious. 

Do Varya and Barbara practice contortion? 

How strong is Varya's younger sister Barbara? 
Quite strong, and getting stronger each month. She performs
about 8 separate feats of strength. Pound for pound, many
of her strength feats could not be easily duplicated by male
powerlifters or strongmen. She can easily lift a 150 lb (about 
68 kilograms) barbell off the ground. She can easily lift her
father off the ground. He weighs over 110 kilograms. Barbara
can lay flat in the air with ankles on one chair and shoulders on
another chair and she lets her mom sit on her stomach and she
easily supports her mom's weight. She also has a very strong 
grip with her hand muscles. She is age 7 (May 2013) 

Has Barbara appeared on television? 
Yes. Several programs. 

Now that Varya is age 21, did she maintain (keep) her strength?
Varya has been amazing people with her feats of strength
since she was age 7. And yes today she is still very, very 
strong. Not many articles or photos have run on Varya in the
past three years because she has been quite busy at school
with her studies. Plus she works part time.

Are Varya and Barbara gifted in intelligence? 
It would seem to be. Both Varya and Barbara at young ages 
read at an advanced level and had advanced communication
skills at a young age. Barbara's grades in elementary school
are excellent and Varya's grades in college are very good.   

Random information   

Even though Varya plays many
sports and is athletic, she is not
a tomboy. She actually likes
wearing makeup and dressing
feminine in high heels and
pretty dresses

Random information

Varya and her sister Barbara are big fans of Pippi Longstocking  

Random information

Varya and her sister Barbara both
do yoga on a weekly basis.

Random Information

Larisa, mother of Varya and Barbara, is a strong mom. Larisa can lift Varya using her teeth and can easily lift multiple kettlebells off the ground at one time.  
Random information

Varya is a big fan of Madonna. 
Twilight books and movies.
Johnny Depp the actor. 

Sister Barbara is a huge
fan of the cartoon series
Tom and Jerry  

Random information

Varya likes wall climbing and she
wants to try skydiving.  

 (No that isn't Varya in the photo.) 

Random information

Varya and Barbara like lifting
weights and athletics. 

But they also enjoy other hobbies. 



Bicycle riding.

Martial arts.


Watching television


Random information

Varya trains for strength and power
not muscle size. At this time, she has no intentions of entering or training for any bodybuilding contests.
Random information

The entire Akulova family is very
athletic. They train together in a variety of sports.  
Random information

Varya and Barbara train for a variety of sports not just weightlifting. 




(no hits to head for safety)



The most
recently answered questions appear towards the bottom of this page

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions Page

What places or nations does the Akulova family dream to 
visit or perform in?
Dubai. America. Paris. Miami. France. Hawaii. Hong Kong.
Disneyworld. Los Angeles. Muscle Beach (in Santa Monica).
New Orleans. New York. Rio. Brazil. Chile. 

Does this site have pay to view video of Varya's feats of
strength? Will there soon be video? 
At present, there is no pay to view video. Maybe in the 
near future some might be added. 

Any major projects or appearances planned for the
Akulova family?
Yes. Some projects are in the works, and any additional
information will be mentioned on the latest news page on
this website. Or in the town crier box on the main page. 

Is the Akulova family available for appearances on
television? Or in person?
Please e-mail the family to inquire about their availabilty 
for performances or appearances. The family at present is
looking for summer 2013 work. 

May 2013                FAQ              Page Links are listed at the bottom of this page

Has Varya had her strength tested at a sport laboratory?
Yes. In the mid 2000's, or about five or six years ago, a
television program filmed Varya's strength and
they did run a few tests on her muscles. The tests
show Varya's muscles seem to be more dense than
an average females (although they are not much 
larger than average) the muscle fibers seem to be
aligned in a slightly different order than is normally
seen, indicating this might allow Varya to obtain such
amazing strength.   

Does strength run in the Akulova family?
Yes, on Uri's side of the family, yes. Uri, Varya's father,
speaks of true stories being told of people with 
incredible strength in his family going back 
several generations. Uri's father was very strong.
Uri's grandfather was very strong. Uri's great
grandfather was very strong. And, of course,
Uri is strong. And now Varya is strong, and if Varya
has children it is very possible her kids will be 
strong. Although there are some scientific aspects to
the family's rare strength, Uri and Larisa, Varya's mother,
both are very religious and believe the strength is a
blessing from God. 

Has the family heard about research into the 
myostatin gene? 
Yes, the family is aware of such research. However, 
as of this date nobody in the family has undergo any
form of extensive testing or blood testing to verify if
the myostation gene is present in the family's genetics. 
Even though Uri happily and proudly speaks of his
family's rare gift of strength, they do not focus on the
precise reasons they have such power. Mostly they
focus on maintaining their strength through proper
living and training and they don't really care much about
learning intricacies of the scientific background of this
muscle power. They thank God for their power.

  Below are links


Akulova family's official Hi5 page
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Akulova family's official You Tube channel (coming soon/late June)
click here

Akulova family's official Twitter page
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Akulova Family's StumbleUpon page
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Akulova family's Tumblr page
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Akulova family's Facebook page
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Barbara Akulova fan page on Facebook
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Akulova family's official MySpace page
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Akulova Family's official Google + page
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Akulova family's Pinterest page
click here

website page links listed below
click here for the main page
click here for the photos 1 page
click here for the photos 2 page
click here for the latest news page

Most of the social media pages
(for example, MySpace, Google +, ect, ect)
are listed under the name Larisa Akulova.
Larisa is Varya's mother and has more time
than busy Varya (who attends a university
and also works a job in the fitness industry)
to operate and oversee the pages. 
Since Larisa's main language is
Russian and Ukrainian, an individual
who speaks English helps her operate and
edit the social media pages.      

Links and FAQ questions page 

The Akulova Family
salutes Madonna for 
fantastic music and also
for her devotion to staying
fit and strong.

Mother Larisa Akulova is a
big fan of actor Bruce Willis.

Varya is a big fan of the 
Twilight Books and
Michael Jackson  

The Akulova Family salutes
those individuals working to 
improve and, perhaps, eliminate 
childhood obesity. 

The Akulova Family stays active
and trains together (when possible) to
avoid the dangerous effects of obesity. 

The Akulova Family says hello to
their fans in Rio, Santiago, Bogota 
Want to see a newspaper
photo of five year old
Barbara easily lifting her
110 kilogram (about 240 pound)
father Uri off the ground? 
click here




A public service message from 
the Akulova Family of Ukraine

Do not be a bully
in school. 
Or anywhere else!

Stop the bullying.

Bullying is a serious problem.
To read more about this subject
and to learn ways to prevent
bullying in your school or 
community, visit the website
listed below.

The Akulova Family
salutes those working to
reduce and eliminate 
 the epidemic of youth obesity

When Varya Akulova was a small
child and training with weights, some
people in Ukraine told her parents if
they allowed Varya to use weights
by the time she was a teenager she
would look like a man. 

Below are a few photos of
beautiful Varya as
a teenager. 

Fun Quiz Time

Study the drawing below. What is goofy about this drawing? Answer below (don't peek)

What is goofy about that
The man's overly wavy mustache

No, you don't have to

to ask a question.
This isn't prep school
after all.

Random information
The Akulova Family likes

Below is a photo of 
Barbara Akulova from
the year 2012 

She can easily lift a
70 kilogram (about 154 pound) 
barbell off the ground. 

Girl Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Akulova Family has never
seen in person . . . 

A volcano 

Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean


A giant wave

        Barbara Akulova. 

A strong girl. And getting 
stronger. She has a fan page
on Facebook. click here

What is Barbara Akulova's favorite cartoon? 
She likes Tom and Jerry and also Scooby Doo. 

What are Barbara's hobbies? 
Like most kids, she likes to ride a bike. She likes
animals. Kittens. Puppies. She likes to draw. She's an
excellent student. She enjoys athletics, such as
weight training and martial arts and running. She has
an extensive collection of dolls given to her by a
family friend in America. Her favorite doll is her 
Barbie doll. She has about three Barbie dolls. 

What safety precautions are taken to insure 
Barbara is safe lifting weights? 
Most of the weights Barbara lifts are well below
her maximum. Her father is a former circus strongman
with quite a few years of experience in training. Safety
is the number one priority. Barbara is examined by
doctors periodically for any health issues, and her 
growth is quite normal for a seven year old
( May 2013 ). She weighs about 29 kilograms, or about
62 pounds. She trains with her parents.  

Are Larisa and Uri proud of their daughters 
amazing skills? 

What are the family's favorite music groups?
They like the Black Eyed Peas. Madonna. Beatles. 
Elvis. Britney Spears. And lots of Russian or 
Ukrainian bands. Madonna's fitness level is amazing. 

They fans of the sport of bodybuilding? 
Truth is they are located in Krivoy Rog, and there are
not many bodybuilding competitions there. Varya at
this time has no intentions of entering any bodybuilding
competitions. She trains for health and strength. Muscle
size is not that important, and actually while she is
fit and athletic in appearance, her muscles are not
that visible. She does happily flex her muscles and is
proud of them. 

What type of training does the family do?
A variety of training, usually training different areas
on different days. Some days they focus on 
martial arts and self defense and yoga, while other 
days it is training in powerlifting and with kettlebells. 
And on other days they will train in contortion and 
stretching and acrobatic skills used in their circus
act. They train about 5 or 6 days a week.

Can Barbara lift her father Uri off the ground? 
Yes. She first lifted him when she was five years of
age. He is a heavy man, very muscular and he weighs
about 110 kilograms (about 240 pounds) 

Is Barbara home schooled? 
If the family is away working at a circus for several
weeks or months, then yes Uri and Larisa educate 
the girl. But when home in Krivoy Rog and not working
Barbara attends school, and despite having been on
television already and in newspapers, she has a normal
friendship with other students. And her grades are quite
good. She is very smart, as was Varya when young. 

When will they visit India? I want to see them perform
in person.
The family gets a lot of fan mail from India, and actually
in late 2012 they were supposed to go to India to
perform their strong girl act in front of a large audience 
at several concerts in some Indian cities. Unfortunately
the concerts were delayed and as of this writing the 
offer to perform in India has not been reissued. Yes, the
family was quite sad when the concerts were cancelled. 

What are some nations the Akulova family wants to
visit and perform in or appear on television in?
So many. America. Chile. Brazil. Argentina. Colombia.
India. France. United Kingdom. Italy. Japan. Hong Kong. 
And the United Arab Emirates, where the city of Dubai
is located. Yes, they want to see Dubai.

If they visit America, what states and attractions do
they want to visit?
Disney World. Barbara and Varya dream to see
Disney World. And New Orleans. New York. Los
Angeles. Mount Rushmore. The mountains of Colorado
and Montana. They love Montana!

           A  short  strength  poem

Varya has lifted five kettlebells at one time

many a strongman or bodybuilder might whisper

"pound for pound, her lift's better than mine." 

Simple question

Where is it written on caveman walls
that only boys can be strong?



Scroll down. 

More to see and read below

Friendly reminder.

The copyright of the photos of Akulova
Family members shown on this website
is owned by Larisa Akulova. 

                      anyone who admires    strength
                                                 May 2013

                 The Akulova Family's official
                 website went online. 
                  Lots of humor, cool photos
                  and informative information.

How can I be strong like Varya? 
A very common question. Truth is, strength goes back in Varya's family (on her dad's side) for several generations. 
Varya was born with a gift of being strong, and through a
lot of dedication and hard work in the gym she was able
to advance her muscle power. It is doubtful most women
could be as strong as Varya even through training, and it
is also quite possible that even if Varya did not train or
work out, she probably still would have been far 
stronger than the average women.

Any plans to put pay to view video of Varya's strength
on this website?
Maybe. No decision has been made at this point.

How can I send Varya or any other member of the Akulova
family fan mail? ​
It's the year 2013, so probably the best way would
be by e-mail. You can write in English ( or Russian or
Ukrainian ). But even if you write in another language 
not listed above, the e-mail can probably be translated
using an online website that does free translation. 

How can I read this website in my native language?
You can try to copy and paste this website's URL into
one of the many online translation websites and it should
allow you to read most of this website in your language. 

Will Varya's younger sister Barbara be as strong as
Barbara at age 7 is able to do most, if not all, of the 
lifts that Varya did at age 7. It appears as though it is
very possible, maybe likely, that Barbara will be as 
strong as Varya someday. Two strong sisters!!!!!!!

Has Barbara appeared on television for her strength?

Has the Akulova family done any strength shows in
shopping malls? 

Can the Akulova family answer training advice 
questions by e-mail?
Sorry, no. They are very busy, and their main language
is Russian and Ukraine anyway. They do speak a little
English, but they are not able to answer specific training

Why doesn't Varya attend more powerlifting competitions
in other nations? Such as Germany, USA and Canada. 
International travel is quite expensive. 

Who owns the copyright to the photos on this website?
Larisa Akulova is the owner of the copyright of photos
of Akulova family members shown on this and the family's
other webpages.

               Larisa Akulova now has
           a Facebook page. 

           Send a friend request if
            you want. Most friend  
            requests are accepted. 

            p.s.  yes messages sent to
                   the "other" inbox
                   are read.    

Salute to muscle strength

A five kettlebell lift

  dimmed the

The Akulova Family likes bears

A few miscellaneous tidbits of 

A fan of Varya's power placed
up photos of Varya on the
walls of the gym where he 
trains in Colombia.

Based on fan mail, it is
estimated approximately 95% of Varya's fans are male and approximately
5% are female. However, in
some South American nations
( such as Colombia and Venezuela )
the ratio tends to be closer
to 65% male and 35% female.

A high school student in
South Africa did a speech
in front of classmates at
her high school about Varya's
power. She indicated the
speech was well received
and her fellow students
were astonished by the photos.

A man in India said he
created a shrine of photos of
Varya's strength in his apartment
living room. Another man in
India said he placed up
dozens of Varya's photos 
on the walls of his apartment.

Since Varya turned age
18 a few years ago, she has
received many, many, many
marriage requests from residents
of more than a dozen nations.

The family has received fan
mail e-mails from far away
places, including Indonesia,
New Zealand and Chile. 

Varya Akulova and the Akulova Family have appeared on television, in newspaper interviews and there's many mentions about the family's strength feats on Internet pages. Varya and her family have name recognition in the 
fitness, strength and powerlifting area.

Are you a manager or promotor of
a fitness, strongman or health
exposition? Consider inviting the
family as a special guest act.

Renting a booth at a fitness show and
need a guest with name recognition
to draw in attendees? Consider
inviting the Akulova Family.

questions? comments?

The Akulova Family's acrobat and strength show is a great special 
guest act for 

fitness events and shows

exercise expos

bodybuilding shows and contests

kettlebell training seminars

shopping center shows

store grand openings

summer shows at a zoo,
amusement park, county fair

car or boat shows


circus shows

street fairs or festivals

corporate parties


private birthday parties

special events

school shows

summer camp shows

television programs

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions Page

What are some of the more common questions people ask when sending an e-mail?
How much can Varya lift. How much can Barbara 
lift. People want to know if they can chat online with
the Akulova family. People want to know if they can call
on the phone and talk to Varya or the family. 

Can I send a friend request to the Akulova Family's
Facebook page?
Yes. Most requests sent so far have been approved.
The page is listed under Larisa Akulova and you can
find links to it on this website. Or click here

I read when Varya was young the Akulova Family
was quite poor and homeless. Is the family doing 
better now financially? 
It is true Varya and her family have had a
difficult life, and yes when Varya was young the family
was homeless, at times sleeping on a mattress in 
a gym's stairwell, or living in a low cost miners' rooming 
house with only a hot plate to cook on. Through much
hard work, the family was able to buy a small 
apartment. Varya was about age 9 when the family 
finally had a home. Now the family has the same
apartment, and they are doing a little better financially.
However, it should be noted Ukraine is quite a poor
nation, and food inflation and costs are quite high.
They do sometimes struggle to afford good quality
food (high in protein) which is what they need for
their training. The standard of living for a Ukraine
person who is middle class is much, much lower than a
"middle class" person in more affluent nations such
as America, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Western Europe,
Singapore, Japan or Australia. Ukraine a poor nation.

Why doesn't this website have a message board?
Or a comments page?
Message boards can be time consuming to edit
and also to keep off spam.  

When the Akulova Family works in a circus, 
is their act well received by the audience?
Yes. In some circuses the family worked in, their
act was one of the most popular of the show. After
the circus ended, many fans (some of whom came to
the show to see Varya's strength) gave the family 
flowers. Large wall covering posters advertising
Varya's strength at upcoming shows were often
posted in advance of the traveling circus's opening.
On the Photos 1 page you see an example of one
of the posters.    

Is Varya a good artist? 
Yes. Varya's been painting (as a hobby) since 
young and yes she is a good artist.  

Do Varya and Barbara enjoy doing feats of strength?
Yes. Both girls are athletic and enjoy fitness activities. 
But both girls also have other interests and hobbies. 
Painting. Traveling. The beach. Swimming. Yoga.
Bike riding. Contortion. Reading. Movies. Dancing.
Music. Riding a horse. 

Does the family grant interviews to the media?
If any newspapers, magazines or television shows
or radio shows want to interview Varya or do a story
on her (or any other members of the Akulova Family)
send an e-mail. ( )

Does the Akulova family own a car?
No. They travel using public transportation in their
city and if they must go to another city in Ukraine
(or Russia) they generally travel by train. They have
traveled by airplane only once. 

Do Varya and Barbara do martial arts?
Yes. But only for a hobby and for strength training
purposes. They do not enter competitions. 

Do Barbara and Varya box?
Yes, but only for training purposes. If they spar 
they do not hit above the shoulders. No hits to
the head for safety reasons.   

Has Varya entered any bodybuilding competitions?
No. She has appeared in strength shows, and done
feats of strength. And she has won many powerlifting
events and has many trophies and medals. However,
she doesn't train for maximum muscle size, she 
trains for strength. Varya's muscle strength is incredible, 
and she has an athletic build, but she doesn't have
huge, easily visible, bulging muscles. 

Does the family put Barbara on any special diet
or training routine to build her strength?
Barbara has a very normal life. She goes to
school. She reads. They read to her at night before bed
and they help her with homework. Her grades are
excellent in school. She participates in school activities
and has friends in her class. She eats what the rest
of the family eats. They do allow her to enjoy some treats
such as candy, chocolate. She is not on any special 
protein shakes or training formulas that a bodybuilder
might use to build bulk and muscle. As far as training, 
they train after school or early evening on a varied
schedule. Some days they train for strength using 
barbells and kettlebells. Other days they train for flexibility 
and yoga. Other days they train for acrobatic feats and
contortion. Varya is away at college, so right now it is
Barbara and Uri and Larisa who train together.

Why and how are Varya, and now Barbara, so strong?
The family is very religious, and they believe their 
daughters' very rare strength is a blessing from God. 
But Uri also believes that their family (on his side of the
family) have a very rare strength gene, passed down
over the generations. Of course, one must remember 
both Barbara and Varya train with weights, and 
exercise, and do aerobic activities, so those routines
have certainly helped to strengthen them quite a bit. 
Even if neither trained with weights, it is obvious they 
would still both be far, far stronger than normal.
So what do they owe their strength to? A blessing from
God? Or a rare gene in the father's side of the family, 
a DNA trait that gives Uri's children rare power?  

Or could their strength be due to powerful tendons?

Or could their strength be due to powerful ligaments?

Or could their strength be due to extra dense muscle
fibers or the alignment of the muscle fibers?


Did you know?

Youth obesity is becoming a
serious problem in dozens of 
nations around the world, even in
wealthy, developed nations.   

To learn more about
youth obesity and what can
be done to prevent or
improve it, visit the website
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The Akulova Family loves the 
American holiday of Halloween. 


"Give me a A . . . give me a K . . .
give me a U . . . give me a L . . . give me a O . . . give me a V . . . give me a 
A . . . and what does that spell?

Barbara Akulova is very smart.

At age 5 she was studying geography at the Grade 5
  (age 10 or 11) level.

An advantage of being
extremely strong.

Yes, Varya can throw
a basketball quite far.

            "Great combination!"

       "Varya Akulova
         is athletic, 
         powerful and very

Some people have been 
known to gasp when
they first see Varya's strength.
Below is a reenactment.

Want to see a photo of
beautiful Varya lifting 
4 adults at one time?
click here

  Larisa Akulova has a
 Orkut page.  

  Do a keyword
  search to locate 
  her page.  

The main training equipment the family uses is old fashioned gymnastic equipment, standard barbells, dumbbells and many kettlebells. Their training uses a combination of free weights, gym equipment, breathing exercises and yoga. They also practice stretching and contortion. The father keeps a very detailed diary of 
strength gains.

Varya likes books
written by Mark Twain.

The Akulova Family loves all things

The food.   The big cities

New Orleans.    The Grand Canyon.

Miami.   Vegas.   San Fran.   L.A. 

The Big Apple

American movies.   American music.

Apple pie.   Mount Rushmore.

stock photo of a
DNA strand shown at left

stock photo of muscle
tendons shown at left

stock photo of a human
ligament shown at left 

stock photo of muscle fibers
shown at left