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May 10, 2013

The Akulova family says hello to their fans in many languages. They have fans in more than 20 nations (that they know of) and appreciate all the nice comments, polite e-mails they have received the past few years. So with the assistance of online translation websites,they say hello to their fans in a variety of 
langauges. Hola . . . Huy . . . Sawatdi . . . Pryvit . . . Sain Baina uu . . . Mbolo . . . Onga Mahundo . . . Malo . . . Aloha . . . Prontu . . . Ni Hao . . . Selamat . . . 
Ia Orana . . . Supa . . . Hallo . . . Hei . . . Bonjour . . . Γειά . . . हैलो . . . Ciao . . . 
こんにちは . . . 안녕하세요 . . . 餵 . . . 
Olá . . . Hola . . . Salut . . . Ahoj . . . 喂 . . . Dia dhuit . . . Здравствуйте . . . Sawubona . . . Haileo . . . Kotaka . . . Parev . . . Oki . . . Goeie Dag . . . Feele Bahic . . . Gidday . . . No Ngoola Daa . . . 
Jo Napot . . . O - Si - Yo . . . Zdrastuy . . . Buenos Dias. 


May 10, 2013

A personal note from Larisa Akulova, a strong
woman, wife to Uri, and mom to two strong girls, Varya and Barbara, aged 21 and 7, respectively. This note was written with the assistance of a friend who speaks English. 

Hello to all around the world.

First of all, we thank fans 
of Varya, and also
Barbara, for so many nice 
e-mails and comments. 
As you can imagine, my husband and I are very proud of our daughters, Varya and Barbara. 

My husband and I both share a love of all things sport and strength related. If you ask us why, maybe we cannot give the exact reason. Why do people read comic books about superhuman people with awesome strength and power? Why do people go to bodybuilding competitions? Why do television networks show programs of strong men turning over tires or flipping logs?

There’s just something special about strength and excelling in sports. There’s a certain pride in it I guess. Maybe this is why the circus strongman act is one of the most popular in the ring? It ranks up there with the trapeze artists for sure. 

I met Uri when he was working in strongman acts. I doubt I am the only woman in the world who admires a strong, handsome, athletic man, which is what Uri is. Strong and handsome. We dated and then married. After we married, I also engaged in strength training. My husband and I frequently trained together. Went jogging. Practiced boxing, minus hits to the head for safety reasons. 

After a few years of marriage, Varya was born. 

When she was only a few months old, it was obvious she had rare strength. Strength went back in my husband's side of the family for over one hundred years so we were not surprised our child was strong.It is true we started training Varya when she was very young. 

The Akulova Family are fans of 

Bruce Willis

Martial Arts

Adventure / Action Movies

Tom and Jerry Cartoons

Riding Bicycles 

Bodybuilder Arnold 


The Akulova family's acrobat and strong girl strength show would make a great guest act for store grand openings, fitness expos, strongman shows, shopping mall 
events and television programs.

The Akulova family are fans of




Training With Weights


The Akulova family dreams of 
visiting the following places

Disney World              Australia        Paris                 Dubai 
Florida  Keys     Miami           Japan              New York 
Los Angeles


A public service announcement from 
the Akulova Family

Properly dispose of your garbage in marked trash recepticles. Don't leave your paper, plastic or banana peels laying around on the ground . . . because nobody should slip because 
of a slob! 


question? comment?

It started out with light weights at safe levels and with frequent doctor visits to guarantee good health. 

Some are upset that Varya started training young. Some are upset that at age 7 Varya was working in a circus with my family. Please understand in circus families, it is not unusual that children start in the act young. And children training in early sport training is common in many nations, especially in acrobatics or gymnastics. Examples include China, Romania and Russia. If Varya did not engage in the circus act, she would still travel with us while my husband and I performed. She could either sit in the stands and watch us or perform with us. 

Varya’s safety was always the biggest priority. 

Varya did not spend all or most of her time in the gym. No. As a young child, she had all the normal activities like other youth. We went to the playground. 

We played ball. 

We watched television. She was not on any special diet. We gave her what we could afford and if there was extra money, she was welcome to enjoy a treat such as cookies, pizza or some candy. 

We read to her daily                since she was a baby and she                  excelled in school later on, often              doing school work 3 grades ahead of what was normal. We encouraged her to learn about the world and nations and we even placed a giant world map on the wall in our apartment. 

We are kind people who 
believe in learning about 
other cultures. 

As Varya grew older, she 
kept getting stronger. And 
stronger. And soon we had a successful circus act and we earned decent money by Ukraine standards (equivalent to 10 USA dollars a day)
and were able to get a small apartment. 

Years ago, we didn't have access to a computer, and even if one had a computer years ago there was limited access to the Internet in Ukraine
in the early to mid 2000's. Friends from America suggested we get a web page for Varya in the year 2004. Varya was age 12 then. 

Back then America was just emerging from a recession and economic problems prevented our friends in the USA from hiring a web designer to make a page. So what to do? 

A nice man in a European nation,Turkey,offered his help. He worked with computers, heard of our family's struggles and offered to set up a page. This was nice of him. In 
May of the year 2005 a few 
months after Varya turned age 
13 we had a web page up. 

And a very nice, professional 
looking page. We smiled. 

Hundreds of people in the first month visited the page. In fact, within the first two hours the page was online, it already had a dozen views. Many compliments poured in about the web page. It is a well done web page, very professional. We thank the webmaster for being so kind as to place it up.

The Akulova Family reminds all that for every girl in the world gifted with extraordinary physical strength, there are thousands of girls malnourished or weakened due to disease. Keep the less fortunate in your prayers. 

That website is now down, no longer available for view. Technology is now more readily available in Ukraine, and with the help of a
friend who speaks English, we can operate 
our website, thereby making things easier on
the man in Europe, and allowing us more control over the format and content of the site, and
ease of updating the website on a regular basis. Check back several times a month for updates or the latest news. Since this website is created and operated by a different individual than our first website, the format and style will be quite a bit different, as you might have noticed. This website takes a more humorous approach.

Visit this page weekly or monthly to read the
latest news or special announcements from our
family to Varya's fans.


May 12, 2013 

Barbara Akulova, our younger daughter, is age
7, and soon she will turn 8 (birthday is in
early June). A fan following is building for
Barbara, and many have asked will she be as
strong as Varya? Can she be as strong as Varya?
How does her strength compare with Varya when Varya was in elementary school? 

Barbara actually is slightly ahead of Varya in certain lifts, compared to Varya when she was age 7. Barbara is also slightly heavier than Varya was, probably because when Varya was a young girl we were quite poor and could not afford nutricious, high protein foods for Varya. 

Our financial situation is better now, as compared to when Varya was a young girl and we didn't even have a home for a period of time. Of course, Ukraine is a poor nation, with a standard of living for a "middle class" person far, far below Western Europe, Canada, Brazil, Chile, USA, Australia, Canada, ect, ect, and nutricious foods are quite expensive, so Barbara does not have the optimum diet for building strength and muscle. But we do the best we can for her. 

At this point, it would seem based on Barbara's present lifts, that she will also be quite strong in the near future. Like Varya when young, she makes great gains in strength on a monthly basis now. My family takes 
great care to train carefully, and we try to

Hey, what
happened to the guy doing the billboard
Is he on his lunch break?
  Scroll down.   More to see below 
A detailed study of how strong
Varya Akulova really is.

We'll get out      
our thinking
hats and lab 
coats. And
grab our textbooks 
to brush up on 
anatomy, physics 
and physiology.
If you don't have
textbooks or lab
equipment it's 
okay just follow 

Click here 
to see a photo that demonstrates 
how strong Varya is, and later we
can compare her strength on a 
pound by pound basis with professional strong men.  ​

In the photo, you see a photo of nine year old Varya at a weight of approximately 28 kilograms (about 61 pounds) supporting her mother and a man. As you can see, Varya is supporting herself with her ankles on one side and her shoulders on the other side. She's laying flat in the air and supporting two adults. The total weight of the two (estimated) is approximately 140 kilograms (or about 310 pounds). 

Since Varya only weighs about 28 kilograms, she is easily supporting about 5 times her own bodyweight in the air. This takes enormous strength in the upper legs, hips, lower back and stomach (core strength). 

This is a real photo taken in front of an audience of many people at a strength show in St. Petersburg, Russia, around the year 2001 or 2002 

Skeptics might say not all the weight is being supported by her midsection, some of the weight is transferred to her shoulders and ankles which rest on those two male assistants' legs.

Even if 25% of the weight is transferred to her shoulders and ankles, 75% of 140 kilograms is still about 105 kilograms (about 230
pounds) and 105 kilograms is more than three and a half times her bodyweight of 28 kilograms being supported solely by core strength. 

Let's compare her strength on a pound for pound basis with professional strongmen who enter contests and compete for titles. Suppose a strongman is 130 kilograms (about 286 pounds -- yes those guys are big) what is 5 times 130 kilograms? Any math majors out there? It's 650 kilograms (or approximately 1,432 pounds) 

How many professional strongmen (even those who win contests in strength feats) can lay flat in the air with ankles resting on one side and shoulders resting on the other side while they support a weight this great? 

Pound for pound Varya's strength is simply incredible.

On Larisa Akulova's Facebook
page (click here to go to the page)
yes messages sent to the "other"
folder are read. First they are read by a friend who helps translate messages to English so Larisa can understand what is being asked and said.
Keep scrolling down.

Do not stop now!

Remember the most recently posted messages are located lower 
down on this 

When Varya was a child and lifted weights, some people told the family if they allowed their daughter to lift weights by the time she was a teenager she would look 
like a man. 

Below is a photo of beautiful  Varya as a teenager. 

Mom Larisa Akulova has her own Facebook page now. Since her native language is Russian and Ukranian, a friend who speaks English helps her with the page, helps with editing and answering messages and posts on the wall. Send a friend request if you want to. Most friend requests are accepted. Oh and by the way, messages sent to the "other" inbox folder on
Facebook are read
several times a week.

Below is a photo of beautiful
mom Larisa Akulova. 

Salute to the circus

  The Akulova Family loves clowns

have Barbara visit the doctor for checkups 
several times a year. My husband Uri is a
former circus strongman (he still performs in
the family's strength acrobat act) and he
is skilled at training methods and always 
trains in a safe and secure manner. 

Our training schedule varies. We train about
five or six times a week, and myself, Uri
and Barbara train together in our home gym
or at a local sport hall where we practice 
acrobatics and contortion. The training varies
in terms of style and goals. Some days we
train in home gym with kettlebells, 
barbells and dumbbells for strength gains.
Other days we train in acrobatics and 
contortion. Other days we train for 
endurance, doing aerobics or yoga. We also
bike often, to burn calories and stay healthy. 

Since Varya is away at college, right now she
trains on her own. 


          This  is   the 

     latest news


Latest News Page

Visit this page several times a month for the latest news and announcements regarding the Akulova family's appearances and updates on this website. The most recent postings are located furthest down on this page. So . . . scroll down . . . . 


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The Akulova Family salutes cute kittens

May 14, 2013

People ask what is the secret method Uri used to obtain such impressive strength gains in Varya, and more recently, Barbara? It is true Uri has taught his daughters little known training exercises that helped them build impressive strength. These exercises were passed down to him as a young man, when he was living in Northern Russia (almost Siberia) by family members. Strength goes back in his family

The main training equipment we use are old fashioned gymnastic equipment, standard barbells and dumbbells and many kettlebells. The training uses a combination of free weights, gym equipment, breathing exercises and yoga. We also practice stretching and contortion.  Uri keeps a detailed (very detailed) diary of both daughters strength gains. 


May 15, 2013

Coming soon. We plan on opening a You
Tube channel with recent video of 
Barbara Akulova's feats of strength.

Estimated You Tube channel opening?
Maybe late June. 

Will announce on this latest news page 
and also the town crier box on the main
page when the You Tube channel is open.  


May 16, 2013

On a beautiful, warm Spring day, the
Akulova family takes a moment to salute 


          Most of the social media pages
         (for example, Facebook, 
       MySpace, Google +, ect, ect) are 
       listed under the name Larisa Akulova.
      Larisa is Varya's mother and has more time than busy Varya (who attends a university and also works a job in the 
fitness industry) to operate and 
oversee the pages. Since Larisa's main language is Russian and Ukrainian, an 
individual who speaks English 
helps her operate and edit the 
social media pages.   

 Barbara Akulova loves to draw

The words
Girl Power
spelled in five languages

δύναμη κορίτσι

लड़की की शक्ति

poder chica


kız güç

Quick  Quiz

What do the two Russian words below say?
(answer further down)

Варя  Акулова

that's the name
Varya Akulova
in Russian. 

Salute  to  the circus  ringmaster

How to spell
Barbara Akulova in

Барбара Акулова

    The Akulova Family now
     has a Pinterest page. 
           click here to go the page.

The secret to Varya's strength?

Question has been asked by fans as
far away as Thailand, Indonesia and 

Varya's father, Uri, believes on his side of
the family there is a rare genetic gene of
muscle strength. 

Plus Varya trained very much to obtain and keep her rare power. 

The Akulova Family is very religious and 
believes their gift of strength is also a blessing from God. They thank God for their talents. 

Where is Varya from?
Varya is from Ukraine. 


Surprising facts about Varya.
She doesn't arm wrestle much, mostly to protect her elbows from
injury. Despite training with weights, she is not a "Tomboy" She is actually very feminine and enjoys wearing skirts and ankle length dresses. 


Is her entire family strong and athletic?
Yes. Her mother Larisa is a powerful acrobat who lifts weights. Her father Uri is a former circus strongman and acrobat, he also competed in weightlifting contests years ago. Varya's younger sister Barbara is already showing talent in strength acrobatics.


What are Varya's hobbies? 
Listening to music, doing homework (she's a top student), dancing, she likes to read fashion magazines and she likes to train with weights and practice yoga and stretching (contortion). 


Can Varya and her family answer training advice questions?
Sorry, the family is not able to do this. Sorry. 


Why does this site not have a message board?
Message boards are very time consuming to moderate and edit. They are a lot of work to edit to keep off spam and abusive comments.


Is Varya available for endorsements, television commercials, 
modeling or television appearances?


Varya Akulova, amazing circus acrobat, talented contortionist, amazing powerlifter who has won first place in many powerlifting contests.


Varya's story is an inspirational one. Despite her family being challenged with a difficult life of poverty and, years ago, hunger, Varya (and her mother and father) maintained a positive outlook and worked overtime to earn enough for an apartment and a better life. 


Varya excels in athletics and was one of the top students in academic studies at her high school. She's served as an inspiration to her fellow students in Ukraine on the importance of exercise to stay slim and avoid the complications of youth diabetes due to obesity, which is a big problem in many nations. 


Varya Akulova and her family thank her fans who have written nice letters, e-mails and Facebook messages of encouragement and support in the past few years. 


           Varya Akulova was born in the year 
1992 to parents Uri and Larisa. Uri was a 
former circus strongman and strength acrobat. Larisa was a teacher and tutor. Going back a hundred years in Uri's family, stories circulated of relatives with unusual strength. It was, as Uri 
         believes, a gift from God that in his family is a  
              certain gene that allows for such strength. 

Being strong has its advantages

The Akulova Family doesn't have 
trouble removing a lid from a jar

No trouble carrying home a
heavy bag from a store 

Carrying heavy luggage while 
traveling on a train?

              "Varya grew up reading
     articles on bodybuilders and 
 weightlifters. One wall of their
  apartment was devoted to 
strength, covered with magazine
 and newspaper articles of great 
              strong people."  

May 16, 2013

The Akulova Family takes a few minutes to post some photos of things in this world that are amazing, cute or beautiful. Or all the above!  

Earth.         Better than Mars!!!! 

Anyone out there want to hire Varya to appear in your booth at a fitness show, expo or convention? She has many fans and a known name in the fitness arena, she could help draw audiences to your booth. 

Something Varya wants to do . . .


May 16, 2013

The Akulova Family is working on editing some video to be placed up on the family's soon to be open official You Tube channel. 

We hope to have this You Tube channel open by  late June. 

When it opens, don't forget to subscribe! 


May 16, 2013

Photo tribute to some of the world's great cities (which also just happen to be cities the Akulova Family hopes a televison show will invite them to perform in. What a
coincidence, huh? )  


May 16, 2013

The Akulova Family in Ukraine want very much 
to see this. Amazing!!!!!!!


May 16, 2013

Our seven year old daughter Barbara lifts weights and performs feats of strength. She's been on television and also performed in a circus with mom and dad.  

Since Barbara is seven years of age, the family takes great safety precautions to avoid injury. 

Uri, Barbara's father, is an experienced circus strongman and acrobat who has been training with weights since he was in his late teens. 

A spotter is always used during training. 

Barbara wears all necessary safety equipment, such as a weightlifting belt to protect against back strain. 

Barbara is examined by a doctor to insure proper growth and strong bones. At age seven she weighs about 29 kilograms (about 63 pounds) so she is at proper weight and height for her age. 

Barbara is taught the proper lifting techniques and never trains alone. Mom and Dad are always close by to assist.


May 16, 2013

The Akulova Family loves Montana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Akulova Family respects all wildlife. 

There is beauty in all animals.

Even warthogs and the Tasmanian Devil.


May 16, 2013

The Akulova Family loves America. U.S.A. 

They dream to visit U.S.A. famous for hot dogs. Freedom. Tall buildings. Big cities. Large plates of food at diners. Hawaii. Miami. New York. Hot dogs. Hollywood. French Quarter.  
Cheeseburgers. Big cars. Mountains. 


click here to see a photo of Varya lifting four people

              "Tell the 
          network's talent 
        booking department
​         that today on the 
      Internet I read about 
 two amazing strong sisters
​       Might make for a 
             great human 
            interest story."

Stories of great strength among
family members goes back on Uri's (Varya's Father) side of the family for generations. How far back do the stories go? Back as far as when the horse and buggy were common methods of transportation.  

         Larisa Akulova
has a page on 
Orkut. Do a keyword
 search to locate her 

May 17, 2013

A few tidbits of information about Varya's fans, based mostly on fan mail received. 

1)  Most of Varya's (and more recently Barbara's) fans are male, estimated at about 95% male and about 5% female fans. 

2)  A nation with a very high percentage of male fans would be India, again based on fan mail received. It is estimated about 98% of Varya's fans in India are males. 

3) Nations with very large amounts of female fans would be Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia. In these nations it would seem to 
be about 65% male and 35% female fans.

4)  Most fan mail in the past ten years has been quite polite and nice. There have been very, very few angry or insulting e-mails. 

5)  The variety of fans is amazing, in 
terms of ages and
locations. Fan mail has been received from 
kids who did a class project or school paper about Varya to teens who
want to be strong like her to powerlifters 
and weightlifters
who want to know if they can get training advice. There's been fan mail from people 
in their late eighties. Fan male
from people in New Zealand. Fan mail from scientists who are inquiring about her 
genetic makeup to be so strong. 

6)  Yes, men do propose marriage in fan 
mail. And many are quite serious about it. 

7)  There's a great variety in the reasons 
why people are such big fans of Varya. 
Some fellow fitness trainers 
admire her work ethic. Some females in the fitness industry
admire her for proving how strong females 
can be. Some teens admire her for 
accomplishing so  
much at a young age. Some people admire 
her for overcoming a
difficult, poverty life to go on and go to college. Some
people are just huge fans of all things 
related to female
strength. Some people admire her because 
she is quite beautiful and has incredible strength and beauty at the
same time. 


May 18, 2013

Yes, Larisa and Uri are very proud of their daughters' power and strength. Being female with strength can be a great advantage over some of life's difficulties.
For example, because Varya is so strong, 

She doesn't need a man to open a door
for her! 

She can carry her own groceries! 

She can change her own tire! ( Although this
isn't necessary because the family doesn't 
own a car. )

​She can open the lid of a jar of
pasta sauce! 

Carrying luggage at the train
station? No problem there. 


Varya's mom and dad both
thank God for their two daughters 
amazing strength. 

How can both daughters be so strong? 

One possible explanation is both
daughters have very strong tendons and


Several years ago a television 
station filmed Varya, and they had
her strength tested at a lab. 
The scientists tested her 
muscles and discovered Varya's
muscle fibers are more dense than
normal and they are also aligned
slightly differently, allowing more
muscle fibers to be packed into
one area.
Contact the
Akulova Family

May 19, 2013

A quick tribute and salute to Girl Power!!!!
Girls stay strong!!!!

   Girl Power is awesome

                                                     Girl Power is groovy

     Girl Power is great

                                                   Girl Power is grand

     Girl Power is super


May 19, 2013

Cheerleaders in middle school, high school and college do many difficult flips, jumps, turns, cartwheels, backflips. This takes stamina and
practice and dedication.  

Such moves are difficult to master and take a lot of time and practice. One has to be very athletic to accomplish this. 

Although cheerleading might not be considered a sport, it is difficult to accomplish and should be considered a sport.    

A salute and tribute to cheerleaders is shown below. 


     "Five . . . six . . . 
  seven . . . eight . . .
    Barbara Akulova
           is great!"

May 19, 2013

Tribute to the telephone.
The favorite invention of many girls? Maybe.


May 19, 2013

Name some names! Remain calm, none of the
names being spoken of belong to a spy.
Remain calm!

Name a street festival the Akulova
family would love to attend?
Calle Ocho, the street festival held
in March in the city of Miami. Any
promoters of Calle Ocho want to invite
the family to the festival as a guest

Name a bodybuilding and fitness expo
the family would love to attend?
The Arnold Classic Expo in Colombus,
Ohio, in March. Or the FIBO expo trade
show held in Germany each spring. 

Name a beach the Akulova family wants
to visit. 
Muscle Beach (in Santa Monica, CA)

Name a street the Akulova family
wants to walk or jog down?
Tie between the Avenue des Champs-Élysées
in Paris and Lombard Street in San Fran.

Name an Alps the Akulova family would like
to see in person.

Name a body of water the Akulova family
would like to drive a jet ski on?
Biscayne Bay, in Miami.

Name a key the Akulova family wants to
Key West.

Name a pool the Akulova family wants to 
swim in?
Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Florida.

Name a city the Akulova family would
love to dance in the summer rain in?
Vienna, in Austria.

​         "Both Akulova
       sisters are so
         strong it is 
​          "Cool. I'll 
 have to take a look
at their website. 
What is the web
        address ?"

A quick note 

When Barbara Akulova trains with
weights several safety precautions are
always used. 

She always trains with her parents
and/or a spotter by her side to assist
if there are any problems.

She is examined by a doctor to verify 
normal growth, strong bones, healthy lungs. 

She wears all the proper safety equipment, such as a weightlifter's training belt to avoid lower back sprain. 

Her father, an experienced strongman, teaches her the proper weightlifting form to use to avoid injuries. 

She is allowed to train at her own pace and when she wants to.  

She must have parential permission before attempting more weight.

         "Extra extra.
 Two strong sisters
 show amazing girl
     power. Extra

When Varya was ten years old in a
strength show she lifted her mother
and father off the ground at the same time. And one man's reaction in the 
audience was similiar to the
reenactment shown below. 


"The nomination for a face that's
supposed to be humorous, but
after you stare at it for awhile
is actually a little scary goes
  to . . . the envelope please . . . 
  the face in the drawing below." 

May 19, 2013

The Akulova Family is frequently asked for training advice via e-mail, and sorry to report they are not able to assist. They are too busy to offer personalized advice
and answer involved questions.   

However, one piece of training advice can be offered at this time. If when you squat with a barbell on your shoulders you make a face like this 

you might very well want to reduce the weight loaded on to the barbell for future squats.

Just a suggestion, mind you. Just a suggestion.  


May 20, 2013


A public service announcement from
the Akulova Family.

Be kind to animals. 
Even mongooses.

Varya Akulova has been
amazing people with her
incredible strength feats
since she was seven 
years of age! 

August 28, 2013

Photos have been posted to the Photos 2 
page.Click here to see the photos.